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Chemcool Anti-Tack Coating for Natural & Synthetic Rubber

Chemcool Anti-Tack Coating for Natural & Synthetic Rubber

Why Chemcool Anti Tack?

Production with Raw Rubber does possess Adhesive Behavior Compare to Many other Subtract. This Process is known as Tack. Newly Compound Rubber is High in Tackiness.

Storing and Shipping of Latex Products need to reduce the Self Sticking thus Anti Tack Layer are Required

Chemcool Formulation offers Lower Labor Cost and High Energy Saving

Chemcool Calcium Stearate

This Calcium stearate is specially developed as an anti-tack for natural rubber & nitrile gloves. Instead of direct reation of Calcium oxide ( CaO ) and Stearic acid, our calcium stearate dispersion is indirect prepared from metal stearate.

Coagulant compound prepared from our Calcium Stearate dispersion is more homogeneous and finer in particles. As a results,

  1. It is easy to wash away from former
  2. It help to eliminate risk of polymer mark and thin-spot
  3. It could be used in direct replacement of convensional potassium stearate

Chemcool Potassium Stearate

Our Potassium Stearate specially formulated for nitrile gloves. Unlike other potassium stearate dispersion which need hot water in the preparation of coagulant compound, this Potassium Stearate:

  1. Only need ambient temperature water to prepare.
  2. Shorter compounding time.
These two advanteges greatly save your Labour and Energy Cost. Beside, it retain the benefit of :    
  1. Easy to wash away from former
  2. Eliminate risk of polymer mark and thin-spot
  3. Direct preparation compare to conventional potassium stearate
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